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7877769@mail.ru 10-07-2015, 12:01
Хороший мини-отель прямо на берегу в Отраде, есть летняя площадка, из окна вид на море
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Hotel Palma ODESSA

Mini Hotel Palma is located directly on the Black Sea coast, on the beach Langeron in the central part of Odessa.

Comfortable rooms provide comfort and relaxation, all rooms have views of the sea, the beach begins right outside the hotel Palma.

Rest in Odessa - is primarily the sea, the sun and the golden beach, but the hotel's convenient location allows you to visit the embankment Langeron and Dolphinarium Odessa, Shevchenko Park, the central historical part of Odessa, within walking distance.

Fresh air, sea breezes are great friends, not only in hot summer days, but in the autumn-winter season, when it is convenient, you can combine business and leisure in Odessa, a restaurant and a summer playground of Palma with stunning sea views can be taken not only to tour groups but also corporate and festive events.

Restaurant Hotel Palma offers to ensure excellent combination of flavors and ingredients Odessa cuisine, tasting the Black Sea gobies and flatfish, mussels and brine, and along with this juicy dumplings, meat sausages, grilled or delicate pancakes and strudel. In addition, everyone can satisfy their appetite European cuisine.